Chora Station – Final third year project

The building becomes a journey of space and interaction, as the programme dictates it being an in between space. It is not a destination, it facilitates the journey to ones destination, providing conveniences to allow that transition to occur more pleasantly. The need at a station in these circumstances is a place of rest, to gather ones thoughts before moving on to a new location.

People using the station would mostly be the blue collar workers travelling into and out of the city daily for work purposes. As such spending many hours in trains/trams and buses, this building provides the opportunity to rejuvenate one’s self by providing shower quarters as well as locker spaces for use. These are located on the first floor level accessed either by the staircase on the east or west of the structure or an elevator on the west.

Pockets of resting areas are provided in different areas for different levels of usage time. The lower ground floor sections are for quick seating and waiting for the tram and buses for one to catch their breath before moving on while the first floor seating is for longer waiting and relaxing which connects to the shower and locker sections.

Through repetition of columns at regular intervals a sense of movement and order is created guiding a person to the relevant zones of activities. In addition to the horizontal ribbon which during the day defines areas of importance and activity through the use of a different material and function and at night guides and provides light in and around the site. The building has been pushed into the area of the sidewalk. Allowing people to engage and interact with the building unconsciously as one would have to walk through and between the building to maintain their journey. Yet these walkways are not closed or impermeable.




Pretoria, South Africa



  • YEAR : 2009
  • LOCATION : Pretoria, South Africa
  • CATEGORY : Academic