Burlington Arcade Renovation




Pretoria, South Africa



  • YEAR : 2014
  • LOCATION : Pretoria, South Africa
  • CATEGORY : Commercial

Burlington Arcade is an open air arcade that runs between Burlington House/Tudor Building and the Saxon Building, east of Church Square, Pretoria. It runs North to South connecting Church Street with Bureau Lane.

Historically ,Burlington House was the first commercial building that Gordon Ellis had designed and  is situated on the same site as the First SA Reserve Bank in 1921-1931. Architecturally, the building and arcade are a collaboration of Art deco, Art Nouveau and the international style. The structure uses modern construction techniques with reinforced concrete framework and brick infill. The stucco facades, symmetrical composition and proportions portray the classical influence. Art Deco is brought through in ornamentation. 2 flag poles with Rams heads frame the northern façade of the building. The shop fronts were designed by Fredrick Sage and Co. The arcade have undergone renovations in 1956,1970 and 2009.

The Proposed design, designed in collaboration with Nicholas Clarke and Anita du Plessis[City Property] tries to bring back the old grandeur of Burlington while giving it a fresh new appeal. As far as possible the shopfronts are brought back to original state with new modern interior fittings. The floor is restored back to travertine flooring. The arcade entrances are brightened with the addition of artificial lighting where natural lighting fails. It is also softened by the introduction of foliage and seating. For the first time, the hidden backside of Burlington is introduced to visitors through a new courtyard restaurant on the western edge of the site.

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