Newfoundland textures

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After spending two days in Newfoundland it became obvious that the front door is a big part of the architectural language of the old city. Identity is not achieved through a unique architectural language of the house (row houses are almost identical in style) but through colour, postbox and front door. The textures of the street are amazing. Brightly colored houses that all seem to coordinate their colours, ship lap exteriors and some green to break the boundary between front door and street.

            IMG_0349        IMG_0352        IMG_0353

            img_0350       img_0330        img_0354

Things learnt so far in Canada:

  • Newfoundland is more Irish than Canadian.
  • There’s a deep multi-cultural history spanning centuries through immigration and emigration.
  • Colorful houses are cool
  • Who needs gates and fences when your front door is on the street
  • The first wireless communication occurred between England and Newfoundland. They had no idea what they were doing but got it right
  • Labatt lite is average
  • Newfoundland dogs are big, friendly,intelligent companions that love ice-cream
  • Labrador dogs were named after a province in Canada. Not the other way round
  • There are some massive hills to get to the most eastern edge of the Americas

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  • StephJ

    5 years ago

    Love your pictures! Hope you visit again so you can see more!

    • Duane Comins

      5 years ago

      Thanks! We will definitely visit again soon.