Duane Comins | Canadian trip introduced 
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Canadian trip introduced 

30 Aug Canadian trip introduced 

After months of prep work, many Saturday mornings dreading the ride before sunrise and scrambling to finish off office work we were finally on our way to Canada.

First stop, Heathrow. This 6 hour layover was enough to make me realize how weak the rand has become. R150 for a baguette? Crazy. After walking around aimlessly in the international departures looking at high priced watches and handbags we finally caught our second and last flight to St. John’s, Canada.

We landed in what felt like Durban. Hot, humid and smells of salt air. We promptly made our way through customs answering questions about whether we had Ebola or guns. We made our way outside when it became obvious that no taxi was going to fit four bike boxes, so we arrange with some very helpful and friendly taxi men to take our luggage to the hotel while we unpacked our bikes and rebuilt them to the fascination of passer-bys. Cycling to the hotel gave us an amazing introduction to Canada.

The streets make you feel like a character in a movie. Simple quaint row houses painted every color you can think of line the streets. It’s vibrant and active with a deep rich history.
So far what we’ve learnt about Canada:

  • Canadians love big trucks. The criteria for a new car is black, big hemi engine and lots of noise.
  • Everyone is friendly and accommodating so far.
  • People drive on the wrong side of the road and stop too often for pedestrians that you land up crossing even if you weren’t meant too
  • Beautiful country side. Quaint small wooden houses.
  • Bud light is ok





  • Jean
    Posted at 00:20h, 31 August Reply

    Where are you, on the Atlantic coast of Canada? Best wishes for a good trip.

    • Duane Comins
      Posted at 01:15h, 31 August Reply

      Thanks! Yeah we’re on the Atlantic coast. St.johns at the moment heading towards Moncton.

      • Jean
        Posted at 02:13h, 31 August Reply

        Enjoy the Maritime provinces..how far are you heading westward into Canada.

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