Pretoria, South Africa

House Gildenhuys

Simple steel clad barn shapes are intersected by straight horizontal lines of concrete forming the public domains of the units. Natural light floods the units through the use of large glazed openings towards the entertainment spaces and skylights to promote natural light in the more private areas.

About me

Welcome to my portfolio page

I am a professional architect, designer, photographer and tri-athlete with over 7 years of post-graduate experience in architecture and design.

After completing my Masters, I began working for Drawboxdesignstudio as a candidate architect where the primary focus was on residential architecture. In 2014 I moved to Arca Architects where I worked on commercial and infrastructural projects before moving to Cape Town in 2016 where I have gained valuable insight into high rise residential, commercial buildings and urban design schemes working as both a design and project architect.

I am a Canadian permanent resident and can accept employment without restriction. My qualifications are equivalent to a Canadian M.Arch. I aim to have this certified by the CACB in order to register with the OAA. 



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