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28 Apr One on Main Apartments

A high end residential development for TMM Holdings. The proposed design is situated between two prominent intersection in Muckleneuk, Pretoria filling a whole city block. To address the scale of the development the design wraps itself around these corners while recessing back at the lower...

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17 Dec Houses Gildenhuys B1 & B2

Situated in Waterkloof ridge, this large site bore the opportunity for a panhandle division capitalising on the demand for property in the area. The concept evolved around an updated barn house style mixed with Modernist traits. Simple steel clad barn shapes are intersected by straight...

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06 Dec House Friend

The Friend Residence located in the Southdowns Residential Estate is a modern reinterpretation of the classic barn house with sharp angular lines intersecting the classic barn shapes forming an intimate roof garden overlooking the pastures. Fundamental to the planning of the house was the layering...

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29 Nov Irene train station

The brief called for the expansion and modernization of the existing train station to accommodate new electronic speedgate machines and facilities. During the initial design investigation, the existing heritage buildings proved too small and historically sensitive to work in. It therefore become essential to design...

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23 Nov Sunnyside Library (Undergrad)

Brief: The site chosen is located centrally between a number of schools in the Sunnyside area, catering to multiple schools simultaneously. It is located next to Nelson Mandela Drive in close proximity to Esselen Street, a bustling commercial street. Therefore, bus and taxi routes pass...

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