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Online Portfolio

Registered Professional Architect (Pr.Arch 24749287)

After completing my Masters in 2012, I began working for Drawboxdesignstudio as a candidate architect where the primary focus was on residential architecture. I am currently situated atĀ Arca architects & designers working in within the field of commercial architecture.

I completed my MArch (prof) in 2012 entitled: Quotidian Architecture – occupying the sidewalk. It examined the city as a place of increasing opportunity, a receptacle for new social, cultural and economic strata. The urban environment being converted and mutated by everyday public performances. The built wall was seen as the attraction and “glue” that establishes new activities. It was in this notion that conventional architectural typologies was challenged.

The dissertation explored the notion of the wall in an attempt to reconfigure the sidewalk. A conceptual network of interfaces that contain infrastructure, public services and urban armatures was proposed. Within this context, it was argued that architecture should support these everyday performances as well as define a new spatial identity, within the urban environment.

As an avid cyclist I recently completed a 1500km cycle tour along the east maritime states of Canada.

I am currently in the process of moving to Cape Town and seeking employment there. To view my CV please click the link below:
Duane Comins CV 20160419e

To browse my portfolio please use the links on the left hand side, showcasing selected projects from my professional career, academic studies and other interests.